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ADHD therapy for adults and adolescents

ADHD doesn’t go away with the end of school and you might struggle with it all your life. ADHD therapy can help you manage the problems associated with this condition. You will get its manifestations under control and handle life situations like others. This therapy is for both adolescents and adults. After completing our ADHD therapy, you will be able to manage your life.

How Can I Help You?



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Daily regime

Partner relationships

Problems at work

How Does the Therapy Work and How Will It Help You?

Regular sessions

Twice a month you will come to my office, which is located in the centre of Prague. If your problems are acute, we should see each other 1x per week. In case of emergency, I am available on the phone 24 hours a day.

New patterns of behaviour

By modelling situations in your life that are harmful to you, you will practice new patterns of behaviour. You will get the life that you desire.

Possible combination with medication

Therapy can be combined with your pharmacological treatment in collaboration with your psychiatrist.

What Is the Form of Our ADHD Therapy?

Individual therapy

In person and online
(Single session or multiple sessions)

2 700 CZK per session

Frequently asked questions

Can you arrange a psychiatric care for me?

Yes, we cooperate with our own psychiatrist.

How long does it take to complete the therapy?

Usually 2 to 3 months (4-6 sessions)

Is the care covered by health insurance?

No, our clients pay for their therapy.

Will there be any record of my therapy?

No, the service is completely Anonymous.

Can I get some kind of confirmation or certificate that I have completed the treatment?

Yes, we will issue one upon your request.

Are you sure you can cure me?

You never know in advance. But you will leave therapy with the tools and guidance to manage your problem. So the investment is worth it. You can follow our advice and use the tools to help you alleviate your problem.

Česká lékařská společnost

Mgr. Zuzana Jochmannova, MSc.

Zuzana holds a Master of Psychology degree from the University of Leicester and during her long-term stay abroad, she helped foreigners cope with the challenges they faced in a new environment and culture.
She currently works primarily with adult clients with ADHD, and utilizes a systemic approach to psychotherapy, with an emphasis on solution-focused methods. Therapeutic consultations with Zuzana are based on collaborative work that guides clients to effectively address their personal and professional challenges.

In-person Online
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